Meet the Teacher

Hi!  Welcome to our class blog.  My name is Kelly Garman, and I am your child's third grade teacher.  I am very excited to be back in the classroom after staying home last year following the birth of my twins.  I enjoyed every second of my time "off," but I did really miss spending time growing and learning with my students.  The time away has left me feeling rejuvenated professionally, and I am ready and eager to incorporate some new and fresh ideas into my teaching.

A little background info on me...I grew up in Pemberville and am an Eastwood High School graduate.  I received a Bachelor's degree from The University of Toledo, and I completed requirements to earn my Master's degree from BGSU.  In 2002, I was hired into this wonderful district to teach 6th grade language arts.  The next year I moved down to 2nd grade, where I taught for six years.  Now upon returning from my leave of absence, I am beginning a new position in 3rd grade teaching reading/language arts and social studies.

I have an older brother named Matt, a younger sister named Tracy, and a younger brother named Scott.  I love getting together with my family for fun holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions.  On September 18, 2004 I married my husband, Kris.  We welcomed our first child, Brody Kristopher, on 9/28/07.  The twins arrived on 9/2/09.  Emersyn Elizabeth (Emmy) is one whole minute older than Jaxson Thomas (Jax).  I really feel that becoming a mother has made me a better teacher.  I am always thinking in the back of my mind, " would I want Brody's teacher to handle this?" or "What would I expect from Emersyn and Jaxson's teacher??"

Besides teaching, I really just enjoy spending quality time with my husband and children.  Creating works of art, making fun food recipes, playing outside, reading books's the simple things that I love the most.  We also like to go swimming and camping.  Don't be surprised if your child comes home with stories about my kids because I talk about them a lot!

This blog is just one way to keep you updated as to what is happening in the classroom.  I will update it frequently with current news, important dates, and of course pictures!!  I am looking forward to a great year of learning with my students.

Enjoy a few personal photos...I tried very hard to only add a few. :)

Brody and I

Posing with Emersyn on the day of the twins' first birthday party
And again with Jaxson...
Brody having fun at Imagination Station
A newborn shot of the twins (Emmy's on the left, Jax the right)
Birthday boy and girl!