Sunday, October 3, 2010

Coming Up This Week...

It's shaping up to be a busy week at our school and within the 3rd grade!

Check this out:

1. Fire Prevention Week is THIS week! We will briefly discuss fire prevention/safety, and the students will have the opportunity to tour Lake Township's smoke trailor on Friday.

2. Student council has organized a fundraiser for Juvenile Diabetes this week. For each dollar brought in, students fill out a paper shoe to hang in the hallway and receive a Dum Dum sucker. For three dollar, students receive 3 paper shoes, a bracelet, and a sucker. The class in each grade level with the highest amount of money earns a party of their choice.

3. Third graders will take the OAA reading test on Tuesday morning! Please ensure your child gets a good night of rest and eats a healthy breakfast so that his/her brain is ready to think.

4. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings the third graders will take the COGAT (Cognitive Abilities Test) in the morning.

5. Look for info coming soon about our field trip to Ludwig Mill on Oct. 15th.

6. Cookie dough sale begins on the 7th. We are having a kick-off assembly in the afternoon. All proceeds from the sale are earmarked for Smartboards and other technology-related items. Please try and sell at least one item!

7. Topics this week include:

Reading - More comprehension strategies
English - Review sentences, subjects & predicates
Math (Miss Moor) - Partial sums, Counting on
Social Studies - Landforms

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